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    Intellectual Property Law
    Since 1917

    Over 100 years of Intellectual Property Law
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    Renner Kenner
  • Renner Kenner Greive Bobak Taylor & Weber

    Intellectual Property Law
    Since 1917

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    Intellectual Property Law
  • Renner Kenner Greive Bobak Taylor & Weber

    Intellectual Property Law
    Since 1917

    Cleveland Akron Ohio


Who We Are

Our firm celebrated its Centennial in 2017. We practice exclusively in the area of intellectual property law, which encompasses patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and related business and litigation issues. For over 100 years, we have represented diverse clients, including Fortune 500 companies and individual entrepreneurs.

Renner Kenner has obtained thousands of patents over the years for our clients. The "This Week in Our History...” section below is an example of a patent that was written and/or prosecuted by Renner Kenner.

This Week in Our History...

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued U.S. Pat. No. 7,377,010 to The Hoover Company on May 27, 2008. This patent is directed to an improved latching mechanism for the dirt collecting container, and is one of many patents obtained by Renner Kenner on behalf of The Hoover Company.


What We Do


Current Events

Renner Kenner proudly supports Grace House and Rebecca's Place

Grace House

Grace house provides a caring environment to individuals with a terminal illness enrolled in a hospice program and would otherwise spend their last days alone or in undesirable conditions.  Learn more at https://www.gracehouseakron.org/

Rebecca’s Place

Rebecca’s Place is a safe house (one of only two in Ohio) where young girls (ages 11-17) who have been victims of human trafficking go for treatment and healing.  The location of Rebecca’s house is undisclosed for the safety of its residents.  Learn more at https://www.rahab-ministries.org 


Memorial Day Tribute to Bernard Fry

Bernard FryeThis Memorial Day, Renner Kenner recognizes Bernard Frye, who served in the Rainbow Division, 42nd Infantry, during World War I. Bernard falsified his age by two years in order to enlist. In one interesting incident, Bernard posed as a body double for Gen. John J. (Blackjack) Pershing in a famous portrait done by artist Arthur Cahill. Apparently, they were about the same size and Gen. Pershing only had time to sit long enough to have his face painted.

When Bernard returned home from the war, he earned his law degree from Georgetown University, and worked as a patent and trademark attorney for Goodyear Tire before joining our firm. Bernard is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.